Ardyss Pro Introductory Training Getting Internet Traffic and Leads To Your Capture Page-Part One For those who are trying to find more Ardyss Power Pack distributors using Internet Marketing techniques, you can join our training. Here is our introductory session in which we discuss the most important factor in building your Ardyss Marketing system on the internet. Most if not everyone misses this, when they start out doing internet marketing and give up on it as they get easily frustrated when nothing happens over time.

If you are going to get Power Pack Distributors, you need more leads and you need to get them while you sleep. In other words, you need to get your assets working for you on the internet. Most of us know what a capture page is; most of us know about social media; most of us know about You Tube and the Power of You Tube Marketing. What most of us don’t actively practice is how to integrate them into a system that does not require us to work all day.

When you look at the people like Stormy Wellington, they have team members who do work with and for them. But if you do not have time to get out and about in order to make that happen on the ground; you need to make it happen on the internet. Some of you will use systems by MLM Lead System Pro, or Magnetic Sponsoring which are very good systems; but getting them to work with your business can be challenging.

So check out this video or join us at my Ardyss Team Site at and make sure to join the email list. If you would like to join the internet marketing class; do so at Add your name to the list and you will get notification of the training!

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