Attracting Massive Internet Traffic with Mike Koenigs

We snuck Mike away from his usual steady flow of traffic (online and off) from the recent Stompernet event, dried him off long enough so that he could reveal some powerful tips to our audience.

You see Mike has been busy opening the flood gates for his client’s online traffic with his creation of the “Traffic Geyser”.

Mike was gracious enough to sit down with us and reveal some powerful tips on internet marketing. Mike is the creator of traffic geyser, a powerful online tool that helps massicly distribute your content with one click of a button. Behind the scenes though, Mike has been quite busy developing some increadibale online tools that drmatically aids the online marketer and business owner.

Filming some of his break out room session I noticed how passionate Mike truly is about wanting to see others succeed online. In developing his online marketing tools, he puts himself in your shoes and has an answer for just about any issue you might discover.

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1. VIDEO REPORTS: Become an expert on your topic. You know something that is unique. You need to share this info with the world. You need to create video reports. Now here is the secret, associate your review with current information. I made a review video of the Z18 and I got on the top of google and used this to build my platform. This was all free.

Check out Mike’s Traffic Geyser program!

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Todd was a high school drop out and now produces over 5 million in sales.

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“Some of Mike’s clients include.. Deepak Chopra, Debbie Ford and Tony Robbins”

Geek, surfer, marketer, video producer and didgeridoo player, Mike Koenigs is best known as the guy who created the Web 2.0 syndication service, Traffic Geyser that has distributed over 3 million videos in less than two years and generates top ranking, web traffic and leads in minutes by sending video content to over 70 video sites, social bookmarking, social media, blog and podcasting directories.

Mike grew up in Eagle Lake, Minnesota (pop. 763) where he taught himself how to program when he was 14. He wrote video games for the first Mac game company, PCAI. In 1991, he co-founded Digital Cafe, one of the first interactive multimedia agencies that produced the world’s first branded CD-ROM game, “Chex Quest” shipping in more than six-million boxes of General Mills cereal and produced many of the world’s first movie web sites, promotional screen savers and games for Sony, Columbia-Tristar and 20th Century Fox. He sold the company during the dotcom boom to publicly-held IPG in 1999.

He’s credited for making “Infomercial Toolkit” and inventing the “Internet Infomercial” for marketing and selling virtually any product or service on the web.

Michael has served as a producer, marketer and consultant for Sony Entertainment, 20th Century Fox, 3M, General Mills, Dominos Pizza, Ralston, Mazda Motors and New York Times bestselling authors including Deepak Chopra, Debbie Ford and Tony Robbins. He’s created over 300 web sites and more than 30 products.


About the Host:

Brent Brooks | Brent owns and operates Blank Stage Productions, an independent film production company. Blank Stage is home to “The Blank Page” a screenwriting group and “Under Budget” a producer’s network. Brent has directed three indie films to date, THE GALLON CHALLENGE, ART OF SUICIDE and BETWEEN LOVE & A HARD PLACE.


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