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It is our goal to focus on high-quality, results driven, SEO methods.

Our success comes in the form of generating targeted traffic, improving search engine rankings, improving or getting sites into the search engines for the first time, building credibility, creating brand awareness, increasing sales as well as getting targeted leads.

We are a transparent business, meaning that you will constantly be updated on the progress of your campaigns and you can even track and view the backlinks and any documents that are submitted on your behalf like articles and/or press releases.

Our SEO services vary in prices to accomodate different budgets. We start at under $400 for those that are on a strick budget and up to $1900 for larger budgets and larger websites.

Our methodology is focused around three key factors.

SEO Analysis + Keyword Research

During this phase our team gets to know your business, your products and services as well as your specific goals for the project.

Next, we research keywords based on your specific goals, as well as any other requests like location based or specific target base. With this reasearch our team creates a list of the top keywords that will bring you the biggest “wins” based on search volume and competition.

We then establish a baseline to know where we are now so that we can measure the results and continue to make adjustments to campaigns to gain the maximum results.

“On Page” Optimization

When your website was built, there were several factors that should have been taken into consideration when creating to naturally high search engine rankings. But, unfortunately, many sites have very little “on-page” optimization.

“On page” optimization includes analysing your current site in regards keywords, title tags and more. In addition, we install tracking software and submit your site to the various search engines.

Link Building

We start with outlining a link building strategy that would be optimal for your specific business. We then have our team of dedicated SEO writers create ongoing content in the form of articles and blog postings. Each piece of content is sent through various proofreading channels to ensure quality.

Each piece of content is submitted manually to various directories to create multiple layers of backlinks each linking to one another.

We look forward to working with you and improving your websites Search Engine Rankings as well as general online visibility.

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