How to use YouTube to drive Targeted Traffic to your Website – has to be one of an Affiliates best weapon for driving more targeted traffic to your website.

Since is currently ranked number 3 on the Internet, any information that changes on causes the search engines to scramble and index the change almost instantly. I mean, change to a high ranking sites is what keeps the search engines happy and in business. So, my idea is to make my video postings on irresistible to the the search engines by giving them exactly what they want.

I have been experimenting in providing a detailed description for each of my videos, with the url of my website, which of course allows the viewers to click to my website and gives my website a back link. Now I will have to check on this point of a back link because I would assume the link from does probably have a No-Follow or something similar set up to prevent this. More on my findings in another video.

The other thing I have been playing with is to go into the description field of my YouTube video and refresh it once every 2 weeks or so. By this, I mean to change the description, add some new and relevant content or leave a question for my viewers to respond to. I am assuming this gives the search engines another prompt to re-index the information and is good for the rankings.

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