Internet Marketing Expained – Chapter 3 – Web Traffic by contentceo
Web traffic refers to the data that keeps track of a website’s visitors.
The amount of people who visit a website and click on its pages is monitored through a bandwidth.
This particular detail is a website’s basis of the strategies to use in securing the site, building its popularity further and of course, earning from it.
The most popular scheme that uses web traffic for profit is advertising.
Some sites offer advertising packages that are paid according to the number of hits the page where the ad appears was hit.

Web traffic offers a wide range of data that could be deemed important for any other cause it was obtained for in the first place.
Aside from the actual number of visitors, there is information more, very specific ones, acquired in monitoring web traffic.
Each can pose a different kind of perspective that will be helpful in the site’s performance and its staying power.

The complete picture of a web traffic includes stock information.
One is about the average number of viewed pages by one visitor.
You see, each website has many different pages.
By measuring the number of pages that each visitor delves into with every visit,
you will have a better look at how deeply involved your site’s visitors are in your site.
Naturally, if you get someone interested on your topic,
it will prompt him to click away on all the other information available.

Another bit of information obtained through web traffic is the average duration of the visit.
Like the former, this bit measures how deeply desired your site is.
If visitors spend a long time in your site per visit, it means that you are doing something that keeps them interested.
If you track down the most visited page with this, you will have a better idea why people love going to your site.

The average duration of a page view each visit is very similar to the last information.
Only in this case, the information is more specific.
This will allow you to determine which of your site’s pages hold people longer and from there, you could speculate what they like about your site in particular.

In connection with the average duration of a page view per visit, web traffic also gathers data that declares which of the pages get hit the most.
And just like in that one, this bit of data is important in clearing out what topic in particular is loved more and which page should you recommend to your advertisers for their ad placements.

The data on the particular time a site or page is busiest can be used to lure advertisers on the ideal time that an ad is best placed.
You cannot schedule maintenance during those times as well because you know you will be disappointing a lot of your site’s visitors.
The time of the day or day of the week that your site hardly gets any visitor should be your moment to do your round of repair and maintenance.

Web traffic also determines which entry and exit pages got hit the most.
The entry page is an important pathway.
If there is a need to attract visitors, showing off an impressive entry page is the key.
No one would like to delve deeper into your site if the entry page does not make an impression on is own.
The number of times an exit page is viewed, meanwhile, feeds data about bad pages and most clicked external links.
Amazingly, web traffic also keeps track of how the visitors behave while they are on your site.
This is what the top paths are all about.
The top paths pertain to the most popular manner a visitor clicks on from his entry to his exit.
Naturally, attractions are ranked from the most interesting to the least interesting.
Knowing the paths your visitors go would give you a better idea which pages steal the show and which pages need improvement.

Also, web traffic traces the referrers of your site.
Referrers are those websites that link yours to theirs most of the time for a sum of money.
Sometimes the whole website address is put in but most of the time, the keywords are made as the gateways to your site.
Seeing this data would tell you if your linking method is doing the trick for you.
It will tell you how much visitors a referrer generates from time to time.

There are Internet tools, most of which are paid, that can produce web rankings.
The web traffic data of such sites as Alexa Internet, however, is not as broad as the real thing provides.
Since web traffic means a lot to site developers, it is ideal that you spend for it.
There are certified agencies that provide full reports on the behaviors of the site visitors.
But of course, they come with a price tag.

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