Internet Traffic Formula Pt 3 Traffic & Conversions

Published on March 27, 2014

Internet Traffic Formula Part 3

It’s a fact that 90% of all internet marketers make under $100 per month. Everyone seems to be doing the same thing and not producing any results. Well the information I’m about to share with you will change all that.

The 2 main issues that online internet marketers mention over and over is, how do I get traffic to my site? The second big question is how do I convert the leads I have into sales?

First, lets address the question of how to get traffic to any site. Understanding where it will come from is the first step. You will have to purchase what is known as “real time buyer’s traffic”. The only way to buy this kind of traffic is by getting a referral from a data broker.

This is how it works. Data brokers collect info on your every move on the internet from companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and a whole host of other sites. There are so many, we can’t name them all.

There are 3 that are the giants in the industry of data collection. They are as follows: Acixom- Biggest of the 3 data brokers
Episolon- Has the largest data base of them all
Datalogix- Has been collecting data for years on anybody and everybody.

These data brokers sell this info to what is known as a “Super Agency.” This is the source of the most sought after traffic, the “real time buyer’s traffic”. You also need a referral to purchase this exclusive traffic.

This referral has to come from either a data broker or and inside connection you can cultivate once you learn the name of the “Super Agency”. You can only obtain the name of this agency when you purchase, “Internet Traffic Formula”.

Internet marketers are seeing opt-in rates from this kind of traffic between 40-80% which is amazing in itself when the normal opt-in rates are 20-25%.

So the bottom line to getting major traffic is to purchase real time buyer’s traffic from a super agency with a referral you get from a date broker or inside connection.
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