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I have followed Vick’s training for only a few months now and I am getting regular leads and sales. His style is very direct and clear and he fully explains the whole strategy so that you understand what to do and why to do it.

Internet Traffic Formula is released for sale on 31st March 2014 and will be priced at $997.

There is an additional course called Your Biggest Month Ever which will be offered as an exclusive bonus for $497, 50% off the normal selling price. The value in this bonus is amazing and is essential for all aspiring marketers as it outlines some of the thinking and strategies behind Vick’s record breaking month where he made over $700,000 dollars in his first 28 days with Empower Network. I have this course and have watched it over a few times and the content is golden.

Internet Traffic Formula is packed full of the most current and cutting edge traffic and conversion training available on the internet today. It is easily worth ten times the price. I personally can’t believe he is letting it go for just $997as his High Traffic Academy course sells for $2,000 – at that is amazing.

The Internet Traffic Formula is relevant to anyone who has a business with a web presence – retail, service provider, insurance broker, lawyer, manufacturer, internet marketer, affiliate marketer – you name it and this will help you.

It is not for everyone however. If you are not prepared to take some action, take the time to learn it and try out what is being taught to you on a consistent basis, then save your money.

This training is really only for those of us who appreciate a good thing when we see it. The Internet Traffic Formula will change your future, and your life as long as you listen, learn and consistently apply what Vick teaches.

There are many people currently promoting this course – some are great people, and some not so great. Many offer huge bonuses for you to sign up with them, and some of these may be genuine, so it is up to you.

What I would say is that if you are taking on this level of training, and paying out $997 to get yourself educated, then you need to focus on the moment and learn what is in front of you. Focus on this and you will become a Master of Traffic. Too many bonuses are just a distraction and often full of hype you either don’t need or will not have the time to even look at.

I wish you every success with your business.

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