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(Blogging, Targeted Website Traffic, Web Traffic)

Blogging has now turned into a really
attractive way of getting a laser target
market audience that’s interested in
what you are offering versus marketing your products company and
services to anyone, who are most likely not to be interested in what
you are offering to them in prospecting. Web traffic created from your
target market automatically takes away the many objections that
come with marketing to just anyone in hopes to get a sale. This is
why you must identify your target market so your sales will be
increased from the leads and web traffic you generate to your blog.

It doesn’t matter how much web traffic your website is getting, is it
getting web traffic from those already interested is the question.Many
people online spend too much of their time marketing their products
and services to people that…. Aren’t in their target market.
Trying to market to any and everybody.
Don’t know anything about the market that their marketing to.
Market to people that don’t have the money to buy.
Believe that they have the solution to every ones problem with their
product and services.

There’s a real flaw in that thinking. Because you can’t fix every ones
problem. For example, if I’m under weight and your trying to market
to me some weight loss stuff, I’m not in your target market.

(Blogging, Targeted Website Traffic, Web Traffic)

This is one reason why many network marketers fail also. Because its
put in their minds that they have what everyone needs and its the solution.
Regardless if their prospects need it or not, can afford it or not, or can get
it cheaper elsewhere. Network marketers have a strategy called the three
foot rule, anyone three feet from them, they prospect.Its no different online,
because marketing to everybody is marketing to nobody. This strategy of
throwing the dart at the board in hopes that it stick somewhere on the
board will have you frustrated and broke. The key is to get as close to the
bulls eye as possible, which is your target market.

Knowing as much as you possibly can know about your target market will
make it easier for you to sell to your target market because you’ll know
their problems and the solution.

(Web Traffic, target market)

This is something only you can find out by doing your own research
on who your target market is.This is your personal responsibility, not
your sponsors or others, its yours. Your sponsor may have their own
target market and it may be from the age of 25-30 and they hang out
on Facebook. Yours may be 35-40 and they may hang on Google plus.

(Blogging, Targeted Website Traffic, Web Traffic)

(Blogging, Targeted Website Traffic, Web Traffic)
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