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http://mikecowles.com In this video Mike Cowles shares some great strategies for becoming a super affiliate if you’re just getting started. Topics include internet marketing, affiliate Marketing, list building, product creation, website traffic and more.

Internet marketing or online marketing is the most exciting opportunity in technology we’ve ever seen. At the time of this video being recorded, two days of video (48 hours) are being uploaded to YouTube every minute!

The reason this is so exciting and important to you is, you now have nothing stopping you from getting your product, service or message online for the world to see. With the right training (like I share for free) you’ll be able to convey to your ideal audience why your offer is a great match for them.

In the past, if you wanted to start a business there were significant barriers like cost, technical challenges, location issues, racial or gender prejudices, employee limitations, high costs for hiring help, long delays in getting services done, limited training and much more.

Today, it’s possible to get your own domain (dot com) for under $10 a year at sites like www.godaddy.com, hosting on a secure server for your website for $10 a month at http://epicmarketer.com/hosting and a professional looking theme for your new site for under $40 at site’s like http://epicmarketer.com/mysite.

Now you’re in business and able to leverage all of the web to share your offer with the world!

Once your site is set up, (see videos within my channel for instructions how) you can start leveraging your ability to become an affiliate marketer.

Adding affiliate marketing to your online marketing strategy is a critical part of making money online. There are multiple ways to generate affiliate sales including:

– Product reviews
– Software demonstrations
– Service tutorials
– Bonus products to compliment affiliate products
– Additional features/training for products

Once you become an affiliate for a high quality service or product you can incorporate promoting it to your list of subscribers. If you don’t already have a list, then you’ll definitely want to start a focused list building campaign.

List building simply means you’re collecting your visitor or customer’s email address when you sell or give them something of value. The reason this is so important is, you’ve taken the first step in building a relationship with them and now have a way to contact them for related offers in the future.

Email marketing has been proven to be more effective than any other form of advertising.

The main reason is, it’s based on your relationship with your reader/listener. Once you give/sell them something of value, they will know, like and trust you which means when you say something is important or a good idea for them, they’re more likely to listen to you.

This is my favorite way to drive traffic since it’s based on high quality visitors to my site/offer.

Getting new visitors to your website/offer is really one of the most important elements of making your business grow and thrive, no matter what the market or economy is like.

There are two ways to get more traffic to your site. Paid traffic and free traffic.

Paid is the fastest way, but also the riskiest. If you don’t have a proven sales funnel, (like a gift that converts to an opt-in to a related offer that converts visitors to customers.)

Once you have this in place, you can (and should) test it with a single paid traffic source and split test it with software like Split Tester Pro (available at http://epicmarketer.com/splittesterpro) to ensure that you’re getting the best results from your visitors.

Then you can scale up your budget and get a solid, safe return on investment.

The next form of traffic to cover is free traffic. This comes from sites like YouTube, Google, blogs, forums, Facebook, Google +, etc. Basically, you’re goal is to get in front of existing, related groups, share high quality, valuable content and point people to your website.

Done right, this can be just as effective and profitable as paid traffic.

The key to leveraging free traffic is to get your message in front of existing groups of related people. Your message needs to be valuable and relevant and your intention should be to “give” to that community.

One of the best ways to provide great value is to create your own product. Product creation is the fastest way to establish yourself as an authority.

Making your own products can be very inexpensive and fast to do. Once you create one and see how your audience reacts to it, you can invest more into refining it and adding value, but initially, just focus on the content.

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