The BEST Internet Marketing Strategies and Top Web Traffic Sources (Video 24 of 90)

The fact that you are on my blog reading this post right now tells me you are either selling your own product, someone else’s product or maybe some affiliate product…

…Regardless of what you are selling you need TRAFFIC.

You are looking for the best marketing strategies out there cause you just know that those BIG dogs are doing something they are not telling you…

And you are out on a quest to find the secret…to tap into the best web traffic sources.

And guess what?

I can help you!

I was in your very shoes just a short while ago. Looking for the secret knowing all the while that the top income earners are using some web traffic sources that they only keep to themselves leaving us peddling fighting for the junk traffic.

I knew in my heart they had to be using some of the best marketing strategies and I committed to find them…

I tried long and hard, wasted lot of money trying out different stuff at the meantime hearing how ‘they’ make money ‘blogging’, doing ‘SEO’, solo ads and other crap like that.

I knew they were using some ‘TOP SECRET’ marketing strategies and wasn’t gonna waste my time blogging, writing billions of articles and shooting videos…

FAST Forward To NOW

Having experienced everything you are experiencing today I gotta tell you straight up…

There are just some insane marketing strategies and web traffic sources that will blow your mind…

I have access to some crazy stuff that you are salivating to get your hands on. Things like:

-PPC and PPV marketing platforms for under 2 cents per click

-Top Secret solo ad providers, not people, companies…

-Getting organic traffic off of 1st page of GOOGLE for 1 cent a click, not ranking, PPC stuff, literally legally stealing best quality traffic from first page of GOOGLE

-Top Quality Offline traffic for pennies
and the list goes on.

Now do you think it’s beneficial to know the best marketing strategies and to be able to tap into Top web traffic sources?

I bet your answer is yes…

…and I agree.

But I have to be blunt…

It won’t help you a bit!

If you are not successful online today nothing would change if I now gave you the best traffic source and you dumped $50K into it, nothing. You would have wasted your money!


Because you Don’t get what you Want, you get what you ARE…

There is a secret to success, it’s called The Law Of Attraction which states that you ONLY attract in your life what you are in perfect harmony with.

Your circumstances and the situation you find yourself is in perfect harmony with who you are as a person, and YOU attracted it.

You don’t have to believe it, but then you might as well not believe the another law of the universe – the law of gravity.

But the law doesn’t care if you believe it or not, it’s just IS.

Your results are dictated by your behavior patterns and your behavior pattern is triggered by your SELF IMAGE. And unless you change your self image your results will never change…

Now I am not a scientist to go into the details and explain you how it all works but it does.

I will prove it to you this way…

About 20 guys got together, pitched in money and created a marketing coop. So here you have 20 landing pages in a rotator and all the traffic (some of the best available) is equally split between each landing page in the rotator.

The results were astonishing…

Some guys got a bunch of sales where as other guys who had same traffic and the same amount of leads got no sales at all!

How do you explain that?

Well, you get what you are, not what you want. They guys who got sales are working on themselves more then on their business, the ones who didn’t don’t believe in such naive thing as Law of Attraction. They kept saying just give me the best web traffic sources and I will make sales…

So there you have it.

Now, I really recommend grabbing a copy of a book called ‘Psycho Cybernetics and ‘You Were Born Rich’ and read it.

I also want you to click this link and join my business where we have a 30 Days to 10K Program. And there is 3 phases to the program and the first phase is focused only on changing your self image, because if that won’t happen, the remaining 20 days will be of no use.

You will waste time and money marketing but without results.

So click this link, go through the info and join my biz. I look forward to working with you.

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