Traffic Geyser Video Internet Marketing Tool Mike Koenigs and Frank Kern part 4
Created by Mike Koenigs and Frank Sousa, Traffic Geyser is a leader in the world of video syndication services. The goal with Traffic Geyser is to leverage the power of video to generate large amounts of traffic to your website. There are plenty of video syndication services (some that are free), but Traffic Geyser is unique in its ability to generate backlinks and buzz in a dynamic way using social bookmarketing, social networks, article site, and blogs. One single video can provide multiple page 1 listings on Google search engine results pages in less than 1 hour (I have done this many times myself!). The interface is fairly easy to use. You can set up video syndication templates to speed up your efforts, too. There are plenty of other built in tools for creating video squeeze pages and even opt-ins. I also use the Traffic Geyser RSS generator to create video RSS feeds for podcasts (even for iTunes). They will host and pay for the video bandwidth of these feeds, included in your subscription fee.

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