TURBO internet – x3 modem 3G [12 Mbps, simPATI] with Traffic Shaping and Prioritization

internetan super cepat 3 Mbps max. 12 Mbps up to 21.6 Mbps
3G modem [simPATI] with Traffic Shaping and Prioritization

lebih cepat, lebih cerdas, lebih hemat

use your real bandwidth: high speed, low ping
the internet accelerator
your download bandwidth is 3 times higher !!!

internet tetap cepat selama proses upload/download
mengurangi Ping untuk online games
mengurangi masalah streaming audio/video


METRO CHIPS computer
jl. tj. santigi no. 9
PH. 087 8443 35 777 [SMS only]

technical support:
email: acselaron@yahoo.com
fb: www.facebook.com/budiarto.mc

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