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Well TweetAdder is now dead, we have now two serious solution to teplace him.
Manageflitter, but you need to pay monthly for EVERYTHING, and also for the automatisation (10$ for 100000 actions), so, exept this, they are more performant than TweetAdder (and it run online, not on your PC).
So if you want to try, you can watch her for there offers

Or, you can try the successor of TweetAdder, the well named AutoTWBot, for the modest price of 67$.
Yes it cost a lot, but not so much more than TweetAdder, and you may obtain it for 27$ using this link

OR, you finally may download a cheated version (all the fonctionnality are not unlocked) for the price of filling a survey her

You finally have a lot of choice replacing Tweetadder, the question is the price you are ready to pay , the most efficient of course is to paid 70 monthly to ManageFlitter, then the premium version of AutoTWBot is the most comparable to TweetAdder.
Finally You can download the free cheated Bot version.

Make your choice, and let us know your result in the comment section 😉

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