Where 2.0 2011, Jack Abraham, “The Internet’s Role in Driving Local Store Foot Traffic”

“The Internet’s Role in Driving Local Store Foot Traffic in an Information Age”

Jack Abraham


Jack is the founder and former CEO of Milo.com, which was acquired by eBay (EBAY) in December 2010. The idea to build a local shopping engine originated when Jack, then a junior at the Wharton School, went to buy a camera at a store in Philadelphia, only to be told that it was out-of-stock. The experience got him thinking about the potential for a local shopping search engine, one that could tell you which nearby stores currently had a product in-stock. Hence, Milo.com was born.

Jack always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur. At age 12, he built some of comScore¹s (SCOR) first data extraction and processing mechanisms to help the company grow from three to 40 employees. His continuing interest in data then propelled him to write software that capitalized on arbitrage opportunities programmatically in eBay’s marketplace. He also has experience developing behavioral targeting campaigns for companies such as Microsoft and Drugstore.com.

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